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If you’re planning to travel to Ipoh, be sure to put on the loosest shirts or pants you have. Trust me i wouldn’t fit you at the end of journey back from Ipoh..Hahaha

Here are the top things to do in Ipoh.

BREAKFAST – Restaurant New Hollywood Ipoh

It’s not easy to find Halal Chinese food in Ipoh for breakfast. Restaurant New Hollywood or more fondly known just as Hollywood is the best place to be for a variety of halal local delights! Thank you to my friend who are inform me to this. A mini food court of sorts, you’ll be able to savor halal chinese hawker favorites like freshly made chee cheong fun. That’s made to order on the spot with either prawn or chicken filing, char kuey teow, curry me, classic half-boiled egg and chakoi.


MAPS – Animation Theme Park

We we’re both excited since it was our first time here and well……it was indeed a place to Live Your Dreams!!!! main show here is Stunt Lagends and the most excited person is? MY WIFE! hahaha

BoboiBoy 4D Adventure theater is fun too which brought us along on a ride in a BoboiBoy movie. It was about 12minutes long and it was kinda fun with the effects with bumpy rides, water squirtimg and sudden air blown to your next,

The bumper car section is your time to bang into each other!! Go and try it..!





LUNCH- Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah, Sungkai

Where to get the most delicious food for your lunch?? You have to visit Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah Restaurant at Sungkai.

You could enjoy ranges of Malaysia tradisional dishes like ulam kampung, kerabu, best and crunchy salted fish, grilled chicken, clam, lamb and the best that i would like to recommend to you is Ayam Bunian. Highly recommended!



The best and awesome design!!! The interior of this hotel is super smart!!

The room and toilet is big enough, clean and showering water is perfect.

This hotel is so cozy and insta-friendly place. So you can snap photos anywhere!!

Thumbs up Ipoh!!



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