Trip to Pulau Kukup, Johor

Trip to Pulau Kukup, Johor

Family Trip in Pulau Kukup, Johor

I still remember that it was a public holiday. My family and I travelled to Pulau Kukup. We rented a homestay that can accommodate 25 people. It’s close to the sea, and you can see a sea at a glance. When you go out, you will see many people at the morning or night market, which is very lively. The villagers over there are very enthusiastic to show us the way and take us to the restaurants they recommend to enjoy the local food. The weather over there is very hot, almost everyone wears T-shirts and slippers. At night, many people will go out to visit the night market. We spent a pleasant holiday there. Even after a long time, I still miss that day.

Family Portrait!

Missing this jetty!

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Written by Tian Yi