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Have you guys been to Singapore before? If not, then Universal Studios Singapore should be the top few on your list. I live in Johor so it only took me an hour and half to go to Singapore. This is my second time in Singapore already. If you are planning to save some money on parking, might as well just take public transport in Singapore and to Singapore. What my family and I did was to pay for a day trip package to USS which includes entrance ticket and bus rides to and from Singapore. Now let me walk you through it before I left you with some amazing shots I took at the touristy locations inside USS!

My Sister made a thorough research online to find the most affordable (and of course trusted) package. We finally found one with a very good review on their social media accounts which you can check them out through this link >>>>http://www.syoknyatravel.com/tours/uss/

It is super easy guys! All you need to do is to wait at the meeting point which is Tune Hotel Danga Bay at around 7 to 7:30 am and a bus will come to pick you up. Just bring your passport along and you will be good to go. They will also send you back to the pickup point at the end of the day. Fret not, there are a lot of public parking spaces that are free around the meeting point if you happen to be driving.

*please bear in mind that the price is including a general admission and not the express pass. If you happen to have an extra budget, you may want to buy the express pass as it may save you some queue time.

Some tips:

  • If you can, please visit USS on the weekdays which is not during school holiday to avoid crowds
  • Wear a comfortable shoes as you will walk A LOT! That place is hugeeeee.
  • Bring some snacks and mineral water to keep you full and hydrated
  • The waiting time(queue) can be up to two hours for famous rides with a general ticket. What we do during queueing? We brought along UNO cards! Hehe
  • Enjoy and take a lot of pictures as they have soo many cool places!




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Written by Ariffiskandar