Valentine’s Deals in Malaysia You Can Still Enjoy During MCO

Valentine’s Deals in Malaysia You Can Still Enjoy During MCO

Valentine’s Day this year will be very different from past years because the Movement Control Order (MCO) mandated by the Malaysian government has been extended past 14 February 2021. As such, romantic candlelight dinners at fancy restaurants are out of the question. Couples shouldn’t worry, however, as several solutions are available to overcome this obstacle, especially when more than a few companies are offering online ordering for their services in light of the MCO. Here are several ways to keep the flame alive during Valentine’s while an ongoing pandemic is forcing people to stay at home.


Following the announcement from the government that the MCO will be extended until 18 February, several companies and even some individuals have taken to Facebook to advertise bouquet delivery services for Valentine’s. Now, if your significant other is expecting flowers, you had better get them flowers regardless of how you may personally feel about getting flowers; it’s about what they want, not about what you think.

Here are some Valentine’s deals we have found on Facebook:

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Thanks to the advent of the internet, people who have been separated by thousands of kilometres can still communicate with each other. This is not limited to audio communication, as video can also be reliably used in chatting as well, so long as one has sufficiently reliable internet services. Due to the global pandemic and the measures taken up by governments worldwide to restrict the movement and travel of the public, the use of apps such as Apple’s FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Duo has become more prolific.


Nothing is more romantic than a warm candlelight dinner with classical music playing softly in the background. Unfortunately, you cannot experience that this year in a restaurant due to the MCO. However, you can still have a nice Valentine’s dinner in the safety of your own home. No, you don’t have to transform yourself into a Masterchef just for this—although your partner might appreciate the effort—as restaurants have prepared for this by providing several deals on Valentine’s meals where they would deliver delicious dinners straight to your doorstep. There are also other options where you can choose to have the meals prepped beforehand, so you and your significant other can cook together. Of course, if you and your partner are not living together, the only other option then is to schedule a time for the both of you to sit at your respective tables with your own meals and then open up a video chat with your phone, tablet or laptop at eye level (propped up by something, such as a stand) so that you can maintain that (virtual) eye contact during your meal.

Some of these Valentine’s meal deals can be found here:

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So these are some Valentine’s deals in Malaysia you can still enjoy with your loved ones during the pandemic. Let us know in the comments what special ways you will be celebrating with your loved ones during Valentine’s this year.

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