Virtual Fitness Classes That Malaysians Can Join

Virtual Fitness Classes That Malaysians Can Join

Due to the Movement Control Order caused by the pandemic, gyms are not allowed to open. Fortunately for those of us who are looking to keep fit and stay healthy at home, virtual fitness classes exist to direct us on how we should work out. Of course, these are not the same as visiting the real thing in person, but they’re the next best thing available currently. Plus, virtual fitness classes mean that they can be joined by anyone anywhere in the world. That being said, here are some of the most affordable yet effective virtual fitness classes that Malaysians can join.

The Flow Studio

One of the great things about yoga is that not only does it help strengthen the body, it also helps to soothe the mind. However, if you would prefer to focus more on building up your physical strength, there is also pilates. In fact, you can actually do both since they’re complementary and can work together well. The Flow Studio is a yoga and pilates studio based in Kuala Lumpur. They have several classes daily which are streamed live on their platform, and they have several introductory packages for those who may be thinking of joining: RM49 for 3 livestream yoga or mat pilates classes that are between 50 to 60 minutes each, or RM30 if you want to drop in for just one class, up to RM169 per fortnight for unlimited livestream access for two weeks. For those unable to follow their schedule, or would prefer different workouts, they also have a video-on-demand service offering a set of 10 videos for RM88. Check out more details of their pricing here.

Hot Yo Studio

The “Yo” in Hot Yo Studio stands for yoga, and as they transitioned online, they have now rebranded themselves as Hot Yo Digital. They have several online classes per day ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels. Preview some of their classes by heading to their Facebook page where they have uploaded several videos of their yoga classes, such as Yoga Flow for Swimmers and Deep Stretch for Badminton Players. They have several pricing packages available, such as RM50 instead of RM99 for 14 days of unlimited online classes as an introductory offer, or just RM25 if you want to drop in for one online class and have a look. You can check out their pricing packages here.

OhanaJo awake

If you’ve watched Jojo’s Diary of Asia several years ago on Discovery Channel Asia or TLC, you’d be familiar with the regional TV host, Jojo Struys. She completed her 200-hour Teacher-Training Course (TTC) in yoga at the end of 2015 in an ashram at the foothills of the Himalayas. She went on to found her own yoga and wellness space, OhanaJo Studio, which combines the Hawaiian word for family, “Ohana,” with part of her own name, “Jo”. OhanaJo has since expanded to become an online platform called OHANAJO awake, and if you would like to spare 15 minutes a day to relieve stress and anxiety as well as to sleep better, this is the best choice for you! Their OHANAJO awake ALL ACCESS package is USD19.99 (about RM84.50 at current conversion rates) per month, but if you go for the annual package it’s USD99 (about RM418.50), or USD8.25 (about RM35) per month, which includes a 7-day free trial and unlimited access to all of the programmes available on their platform. You can read more about their Ayurvedic approach here.

Crunch Live

For those of you who are curious about workout programmes from overseas, you can check out Crunch Live, which is part of Crunch Fitness. Crunch Fitness is an American fitness club with over 300 locations in the US, Canada and Australia. They are known for having quirky classes such as Pound, which uses drumming as a form of working out; Cycle Karaoke—which combines cycling and karaoke; and AntiGravity Yoga. Crunch Live is the online platform where Crunch uploads videos for their online workouts. They’ve extended their 45-day free trial to a 90-day free trial, and after that, it’s $9.99 (about RM42) per month or $90 (about RM380) annually.


You may not have heard of Barry’s, but it’s a boutique fitness brand specialising in high-intensity interval training, also popularly known as HIIT. Barry’s has more than 70 studios across 14 different countries, including two in Singapore. The bad news is that they don’t have live online classes for you to follow, but the good news is that they have uploaded over a hundred videos over on their IGTV under their Barry’s At Home series which you can watch for free! Most of the workouts are just under 30 minutes and they let you know in the video preview if any equipment is needed, which is not the case for most of the workouts.

Those are some of the virtual fitness classes that Malaysians like you and me can join to keep ourselves healthy at home. What other virtual fitness classes are out there which are available for us to join? Which one do you enjoy most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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