Why The Top should on the top of your Penang travel itinerary

When someone says Penang, all we think about is food, but if you ask me, there’s so much more to Penang than just its food. Theme parks, galleries, breathtaking views… Penang is really the entire package. There’s just so much to do, and so little time!


Of course, if you want all of those packaged into one, there’s always somewhere you can go to. The Top, located at the KOMTAR Tower, offers everything, all in one place! There’s a fun experience on every level, be it for families, couples, or even thrill-seeking solo travellers.

A Fun Place for the Whole Family


Contrary to popular belief, The Top is not just a place to go for a view. The place is filled with amazing attractions, such as the Jurassic Research Center that brings us back to the Jurassic Era, where parents with their kids can explore a world of life-sized dinosaurs.


Credit: Bryce Edwards

For the curious kids that just adore aquatic life, they offer a boutique aquarium that boasts more than 150 different species of marine and freshwater fish, all encapsulated in its 30,000 square feet area. One of the main highlight here would be the Amazonian Arapaima, which is one of the biggest freshwater fish in the world!

Other family-friendly attractions include the Ocean Explorer, Dino Express, Tech Dome, and Mirror Maze.

A Romantic Couples’ Getaway


While the lower floors may give the impression of a theme park, the higher floors make for a perfect dinner-date setting, with restaurants on the 59th and 68th floors overlooking the entire Penang from over 800 feet above ground. The Top View Restaurant on the 59th floor serves buffet meals of different cuisines, and on the 68th floor, Coco Cabana offers 5-course meals.


If you’re looking for have a relaxing day, the VIP Club Tower Spa is open to public for booking, with special packages for couples. You and your partner will be able to enjoy a nice massage in a private bathroom with a built-in jacuzzi. Ah, I can already imagine relaxing in the hot bubbling water with my nonexistent partner!

A Thrilling Experience

If you’re someone who likes to feel their heart beating out of their chest, the 65th floor is the perfect place for you to be. Gravityz, which is an attraction within The Top, is the world’s highest ropes course, where you can hang around outside the 65th floor. Yes, dangling outside.


There are 6 different obstacles you can challenge yourself to at Gravityz. The Great Bridge is a narrow, suspended path where participants have to walk from one end to the other, without handles at the side. The High Bench allows you to have a seat and just take in the view from outdoors.

There is also the Z-wire, which is basically a short version of a flying fox 800 ft above ground. Other obstacles include the X Point, Confidence Path, and G Rocky. I myself am quite afraid of heights, but the harnesses provided made me feel safe trying it out.

A Place for Fun Learning


For the trivia knowledge-seekers, a visit to the Penang State Gallery is a must! The gallery showcases the history of Penang, along with a downscaled model of the entire state. They even included several photo-op spots where you can capture a picture of yourself enjoying a Malaysian breakfast at a local kopitiam.


Speaking of photo-ops, the Durian and Tongkat Ali Museum would make for perfect backdrops, with giant-sized Durian and Tongkat Ali sculptures of different species and colours filling up the area. There are also information about each species alongside the sculptures. Unfortunately, you don’t get to taste the real fruit, but they do have confectionery made from Durian for purchase in their gift shop.

If you’d like to get more information, or to book tickets, you can always head over to their website https://thetop.com.my/.

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