Why you should travel even with little time or money



Credit: Ferry Octavian

When we think of travelling, there’s always a misconception that it would cost a lot of time and money. So, many people would refrain from travelling, saying that they don’t have the time or money for it.

Well, that’s quite untrue, because travelling can be low-cost, and could only take maybe a few hours if you want it to. Travel doesn’t have to mean that you go somewhere halfway across the world. It could also mean simply being a tourist in your hometown.

So whenever you can, just take a short break, even if it’s just to a local attraction. You’ll be surprised on how it may change your outlook of life.

Time out for yourself


Credit: Paul Bence

Life will always catch up with us, making us feel overwhelmed. The last thing you want to do is put more pressure on yourself, so give yourself a little time out. Just go somewhere, perhaps a park or hill to just breathe in some fresh air alone and let your mind wander and be free. Who knows, you might even stumble upon an inspiration.

Living life spontaneously


Credit: Alexander Hommel

Sometimes when you go on trips, unexpected things may happen, or you may stumble upon something that intrigues you. This gives you the chance to be more spontaneous in life, and have the thrill of not going according to the book all the time.

I myself sometimes love to just drive up to the highlands to enjoy the view of the cityscape at night, just after work. It gives me an exciting, yet, calm feeling.

A sense of freedom


Credit: Josef Grunig

When I say freedom, I mean freedom from the shackles of life, because when you’re somewhere else, just for a while, you forget about everything and just let loose. You get to appreciate being in the moment, rather than being held down by what life is throwing at you.

Making memories


Credit: Jelle

This is not to say that you can’t make memories on a daily basis, but if your life is in a routine, there’s going to be nothing that stands out enough for you to look back on. Travelling creates memories that you can look back, and it becomes a good platform to tell stories to others as you grow older.

Seeing a new perspective


Credit: Jon

As you travel, you get to see things from the perspective of others, especially if you go to another state or overseas. Different incomes, different rights, different cultures… You discover that the world is actually very diverse, but at the same time, there will be traits that makes us all the same, a human.

Being more appreciative


Credit: Stephane Peres

As you gain new perspectives, you’ll also sometimes realise that all the things you used to complain about is something that others may have worse. I used to complain about the traffic in Malaysia all the time, but when I saw how chaotic the traffic situation in other Southeast Asian countries were, I feel that I have it easy here.

Discover skills you didn’t know you had 


I’ve always travelled around with GPS systems in Malaysia, sometimes even to a place just 5 kilometres away. When I went to Taiwan, however, I realised I had a knack for remembering roads. While my family struggled to find the way back to our accommodation, I somehow could remember and led the way back, which surprised them.

So sometimes, when the situation demands, you may find that you knew how to do something without realising it.

Just because

Well, you should just travel for the hell of it, because you can, you know? Opportunities to travel come and go, so whenever you chance upon one, just grab it.


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