Why You Should Visit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: the World’s Largest Arts Festival

Why You Should Visit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: the World’s Largest Arts Festival


In just a month’s time, the 2019 instalment of a world-famous festival will roar to life. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, running from 2 to 26 August, will be a massive celebration of all things art. 

Artists of all manner of disciplines will converge in the city of Edinburgh from across the globe. Such has been the draw since its inception in 1947, influencing similar but smaller festivals in other parts of the world. 

The event proudly calls itself an open access arts festival. It means that none of the acts are curated, invited, or produced by the event organisers. Anyone in the world can sign up to put on a show, whether on a stage or in the streets. 
As a result, the hordes of visitors will get to witness a spectacular mix of acts that cannot be replicated by a curation committee.  Thousands of performers, hundreds of shows each day, hundreds of venues. 

In fact, the programme book is 461 pages thick. 

This event is so large, you can make it worth the trip halfway across the world. For an experience to remember for the rest of your life.


The list of shows this year is too long to place in a single page, so we let insiders curate them for you.

  1. Circus picks by the List.
  2. Best shows for kids and families by Edinburgh News
  3. The best theatre shows by The Evening Standard.
  4. The best comedy shows by The Evening Standard.
  5. Must-see comedy shows by JOE.
  6. Musical picks by Broadway World.
  7. 50 shows to see by The Guardian.

Malaysia’s very own Nigel Ng will be having his comedy routine entitled Cultured Shocked.

You can also peruse the arts market for handcrafted souvenirs, stroll down the street for music and magic, and get your face painted and hair braided.


How to plan your visit.

If you don’t intend to stay for the entire 25 days, choose your desired dates. 

You can do this by signing up for an account at their official website, to use the Fringe planning calendar

There, you can choose the shows that pique your fancy, and subsequently plan your trip accordingly. 

Getting there:

  1. Fly directly to Edinburgh
  2. Or fly to Heathrow, London, take the underground to Kings Cross, then take the train to Waverly Station, Edinburgh. 
  3. Tip: avoid travelling on the 2 and 26 August, as there will be heavy traffic from the festival starting and ending.


You don’t have to be a fan of the arts to let this event fill your life with memories. In fact, your presence will add to its diversity. Book your tickets today for a trip that nourishes your soul.

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