A wonderland away from the city – Cameron Highlands

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I would love to share my mini weekend retreat experience in Cameron Highlands Resort.

I absolutely enjoyed my stay and I would say this resort is perfect for those looking for a mini getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The resort has a super relaxing ambiance which helps leave your daily stress and worries at your back effortlessly. Not forgetting to mention, if you need some cool, fresh air: look no further!

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What better way is there to rejuvenate yourself with a refreshing glass of strawberry smoothie?

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For dessert, some fresh strawberries with cream and crushed chocolate chips. The strawberries were so juicy and sweet!

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This was the room I stayed in at Cameron Highlands Resort! The room is so spacious and, strangely, it made me feel at home right from the moment I stepped into it.

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Marble finishing for the washroom – lavish. 

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There’s even a balcony outside our room, so of course we transformed the lil’ balcony into a beautiful background for a spontaneous shoot! 

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Oh, not forgetting to mention, the weather in Cameron Highlands is PERFECT for wearing sweaters and biker jackets. How I wish the weather in KL could be the same. I’d literally go delirious. 

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Our weather-perfect dinner – Hot pot. Nothing beats having steamboat on a chilly night. MUST DO when you are in Cameron Highlands!

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The next morning, I went for a luxurious Rose Spa in Spa Village!

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After a 15-min rose bath, I was brought to another private room for full body scrub and body massage. Every second was an indulgence, and now I know why some people are so obsessed with spas! It was truly relaxing for my body and mind. 

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The service was top-notch: the staff were absolutely friendly and polite. A mini tea-set was served after my spa session and I am already missing their biscuits and homemade strawberry jam! 

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Me with a larger-than-my-mouth strawberry. 

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For those who enjoy high-tea, don’t miss it in Cameron Highlands Resort! Honestly, the tea set was one of the best I’ve ever had. The scones were baked to perfection! 

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Woke up early the next morning to catch the English-style buffet breakfast! 

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To be honest, I really don’t mind having this kind of breakfast every day. 

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So that’s all about my mini getaway to Cameron Highlands Resort! I would say that it’s a perfect place to go with your family and friends for a short yet reenergizing vacation.

If you feel a little too stressed from work or studies, you should totally reward yourself with a short trip here, and I’m sure your tired soul will thank yourself for this. 😉

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Written by Jessica Chaw