World’s Best Christmas Food and Where to Get it in Malaysia

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Christmas is just around the corner so get ready for gluttony on an epic scale! Christmas is celebrated around the world and its global reach means diverse festive treats from spiced cakes to luxuriant drinks which can all be found right here at home in Malaysia! Join Skyscanner as we show you some of the world’s best festive food and where you can get it in Malaysia.

1. Stollen


Country of origin: Germany

With a history stretching back 500 years, Stollen is a festive fixture around Europe and beyond. Hailing from Germany, this sweet, cake-like bread is dotted with candied fruits, nuts and spices, topped with icing sugar and occasionally filled with a rich marzipan rope. A traditional stollen weighs in at a mighty 4.4kg, but if that makes your tummy recoil in fear, have no fear as supermarkets routinely stock smaller ones nowadays.

If you are heading to the famous Christmas markets in Germany this year, pop into Stollenfest in Dresden, where you’ll be able to eat your weight in this German treat!

Where to find stollen in Malaysia: InterContinental Hotel KL


Slice into a fruity piece of stollen for a taste of German Christmas. Photo credit: loopeelisa / Flickr


2. Christmas pudding


Country of origin: UK

This medieval favourite can be found on dining tables across the UK as the coup de graceof a huge Christmas lunch. The pudding mainly consists of dried fruit held together with egg and suet and flavoured with nutmeg, cloves and other spices. It is usually drenched in brandy and aged for several months before being served on the big day. Traditionally a small silver coin is put inside (careful with the molars!) and the pudding doused in more brandy, set alight, and brought to the table to applause for a wonderfully British twist to your festive lunch.

Where to find Christmas pudding in Malaysia: Marks and Spencers in JB and KL

Christmas pudding

Set light to your Christmas pudding and bathe in the festive boozy glow. Photo credit: James Petts / Flickr


3. Eggnog


Country of origin: USA

Creamy, rich and sometimes very boozy, eggnog is guzzled with abandon across the USA from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Quality eggnog is made of raw eggs, cream, brandy or cognac then topped with luxuriant grated spices such as nutmeg and served to guests as they go visiting during the festive period. Be careful as the booze content in these silky treats can be deceptively high and you’ll be giggly and wobbly before you know it!

Where to find eggnog in Malaysia: Ritz Carlton in KL and BIG in Publika, KL


Bottoms up! Americans go wild for sweet, creamy eggnog at Christmas. Photo credit: Didriks / Flickr


4. Panettone


Country of origin: Italy

This sweet loaf originated in the Lombardy region of northern Italy and is nowadays enjoyed at Christmas throughout the world from Eritrea and Mexico to Bondi Beach. The bread is proofed over several days which makes it ultra-fluffy and light and has candied orange, lemon and dry raisins added for extra zing factor. You can sometimes find chocolate flavoured panettone that are great for kids and for a really indulgent treat, serve your slices with crema di marscapone, and a glass of amaretto.

Where to find panettone in Malaysia: BIG in Publika, KL


Enjoy a slice of Milanese Panettone next to your twinkling Christmas tree. Photo credit: Nicola / Flickr


5. Devil’s curry


Countries of origin: Malaysia and Singapore

Also known as kari debal, Devil’s curry is a Kristang Eurasian festive favourite from Malaysia and Singapore, though thought to have originated in 15th century Melaka with the intermarriage between Portuguese settlers and the Malay community. This curry is seriously spicy and packs a tasty punch with vinegar, candlenuts and galangal, so if you need to add a bit of heat and spice to please chilli addicts at your Christmas lunch, make sure this is on your festive menu.

Where to find devil’s curry in Malaysia: Bibik Neo in Melaka

Devils curry

Spice your Christmas with devil’s curry, a Eurasian festive favourite. Photo credit: Facebook


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