World’s Scariest Thrill Rides

World’s Scariest Thrill Rides

It’s coming to the end of the decade and perhaps you may be feeling like you have not done many exciting things these past few years and would like to end it on an adventurous and thrilling note. With the holiday season coming up, we thought it would be an appropriate time to bring to you the scariest thrill rides at famous tourist destinations all around the globe!

Formula Rossa, Abu Dhabi

If we are going to measure thrill in terms of raw speed, there is no looking beyond the world’s fastest roller coaster in Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World. With a top speed of 240 km/h, this is a ride that will have your skin pulling back against your bones! The fact that this ride reaches top speed in a mere 5 seconds necessitates riders having to wear safety goggles to ensure particles in the air do not pierce through their eyes. 

X2 Six Flags

This ride claims to give you a FIVE-dimensional experience not available anywhere else in the world! This ride has gotten many rave reviews from thoroughly entertained (and horrified!) riders and is definitely one of the best rides around. The seats on this ride rotate a full circle’s worth, there are head-first vertical drops and coupled with music and sound effects, this is quite literally: ‘one hell of a ride!’ 

Kingda Ka

Holding the record for the highest drop in the world for 15 years at about 450 feet is Kingda Ka. The top speed of this ride hits 205 km/h and even though it is on the shorter side of roller coaster rides at about a shade over 50 seconds, if a maddeningly quick injection of adrenaline is what you’re after, you will not be left disappointed by this ride! 

Dodonpa, Japan

Japan is known for its polite and quiet culture but Dododonpa is in stark contrast with these principles by far. This ride boasts 3 main talking points. Firstly, it lays claim to something called ‘visual darkness’ which sends you from a simulated form of darkness to brightness. The effect of this is described as ‘entering into another dimension.’ Secondly, it is said to have the world’s largest loop which claims to give you the illusion of time stopping. Finally, the acceleration offered on this roller coaster is reaching a 180 km/h in a miniscule 1.56 seconds! Absolutely nothing quiet or polite to be found here.

Leviathan, Canada

Canada – yet another country known for its extremely friendly and polite people. But just like the former in this list, the Leviathan seeks to act as a counter-culture all on its own. Named after a mythical sea creature, the Leviathan is Canada’s tallest and fastest roller coaster. The peak of this ride stands at 300 plus feet, from which you will be dropped at a nearly 90 degree angle at a top speed of 148km/h. 

These are all major destinations that you may be looking to go to for your year-end holidays. Whichever you pick, make sure to treat yourself to a little, or more accurately, A LOT of excitement by going on these thrill rides. Many are located at famous theme parks and will definitely have something for every member of the family. A famous phrase from earlier in this decade may be suitable to convince you to take these rides: YOLO! 

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